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Graphic Design Solutions for Emergency Response


Located just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Rich Worthington Designs specializes in designing custom maps and floor plans for use during emergencies. We take your existing maps and blueprints that have been designed for architectural use and create crisp, clear maps that can easily be used during an emergency.

For schools, we offer multi-layered floor plans that can show evacuation routes, security camera locations and more. Click here for more information on our school safety solutions.

For first responders, we can redraw and enhance your existing maps and floor plans, providing you with custom preplans that show exactly the information you need, and nothing you don't. Use one of our premade style guides, or create your own, to create consistency across your entire map collection. Click here for more information on our public safety solutions.

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Solutions we Offer

floor plans

When an emergency happens, having the information you need at your fingertips can be critical. For first responders, our custom-drawn floor plans can provide you with access to critical building and preplan information. Our high-resolution PDFs can be viewed on in-vehicle MDCs, printed at any size with no loss of resolution, and even accessed on a smart phone, allowing for access while inside a building.

Aerial maps

As a companion product to our custom floor plans, aerial maps allow incident commanders to see the 'bigger picture' at an emergency incident. For fire departments, our maps can help with apparatus placement, access routes and more. For law enforcement, our aerial maps can help determine access control points as well as cover and concealment locations for tactical operations. Let us map your priority properties or your whole town!

plan layout

Whether you are a municipality with an emergency operations plan, a fire department with Standard Operating Procedures, or a school with an Emergency Action Plan, we can turn your existing plans into a document that your employees will actually look at and use. Rich Worthington Designs can assist with plan formatting and layout, as well as help you design custom forms and training products to make your plan easy to use.

Custom design solutions

Good design is all about problem solving. When you need to communicate critical information to your employees, visitors or the general public, we can help you achieve your goals by designing custom signs, logos, flyers and other publications that will get results. We specialize in meeting the design needs of schools andpublic safety agencies.

Consider our custom design solutions for:

  • Fundraising Drives
  • Recruitment Efforts
  • Annual reports


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